• Frequently Asked Questions

The Groklaw UNIX Library is a ruby-on-rails application utilizing Anteil's JavaScript Gateway Interface (JSGI) technology. For more information, contact info@anteil.com.

Does this program require javascript?


Why? I hate javascript.

JSGI allows for a much more powerful and responsive interface. You can search and sort text without having to reload the page. You can make changes using the buzz-tastic AJAX, again without reloading the page.

Can't you make it play nice without javascript?

We used to. We went the pure javascript route solely for performance reasons. Large tables can take a long time to load in HTML. Reading javascript code is much faster. So we pass everything in through javascript commands, and then load the table in slowly, like an IV drip of information. A table with, say, twenty items would not need such an extreme solution, but a table with 100, 1000, or even 5000 records (we have software with tables that large) would choke.

What browsers do you support?

We fully support the latest versions of Firefox/Mozilla and Internet Explorer 6 and 7.

Liar! I found a bug!

Please send any issues, bugs, errors, ideas, rants, or raves to info@anteil.com.

What about Safari and Opera?

Safari and Opera support is about 95%. One of the lead developers of JSGI is a Mac user and Opera admirer. Support is on the Todo List (Literally).

Is JSGI Open Source?


Free as in speech, or free as in beer?

Free as in drunken ramblings.

Then where can I get a copy, smart guy?

info@anteil.com, for the time being.

Does JSGI only work in rails?

JSGI was originally developed in PHP. It was then ported to java, wherein it really took shape. When rails appeared on our radar, we ported the tools to that. There is also some basic support for Python, though there is not full parity in every language. The rails version and the Java versions are the most up to date. The PHP version is a little behind, but could be brought up to date pretty easily. The python version is largely a proof of concept.